The Attic Bar and Restaurant | Menu
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Share a selection or choose the perfect starter

Garlic ciabatta (v) 9

Toasted garlic ciabatta loaf with sundried tomato pesto

 Rosemary dusted fries (v/gf) 8

With aioli, tomato sauce and our home-made seasoning

 Beer battered wedges (v) 14

Crispy wedges with sriracha sour cream and guacamole

Polenta chips (v/gf/df) 10

Polenta and herb chips with beetroot aioli and sweet chilli

Bruschetta (v) 16.5

Caramelised onion, goat cheese & pinenuts on toasted sour dough

Crumbed camembert (v/gf) 16.5

With gluten free crumb and plum sauce

 BBQ rib fingers (gf/df) 16.5

Confit rib fingers with our famous house smoked BBQ sauce

 Arancini balls (v/gf) 14

Pumpkin, cumin and beetroot risotto balls in a gluten free crumb with squash puree and pickled onion

 Green lipped mussels (gf) 18

In coconut, kafir lime and chilli sauce with garlic ciabatta

 Smoked paprika squid (gf) 16

Smoked paprika and lemon pepper squid served with sweet chilli and aioli

Spicy chicken nibbles 18

Crusted chicken nibbles tossed in spicy sauce with celery and blue cheese mayo

 Beef sliders 16.5

Coriander beef, lettuce, tomato, aioli, brie and caramelised onion and bacon jam

Olives and feta (v) 8

In house marinated olives and feta cheese with bread sticks (gf without bread sticks)

 Battered onion rings (v) 11

Battered onion rings with sweet chili and home-made BBQ sauce



Platters are designed to be shared. There is enough food on a platter for a meal for 2 people or nibbles for more. Enjoy!

Snattic tasting plate 28

Squid, bruschetta, arancini balls, olives and feta with dipping sauces

 Antipasto Platter 53

Grilled Chorizo, pepperoni, prosciutto, seared haloumi, stuffed olives, feta, breadsticks, sundried tomato pesto and stuffed cherry peppers

 Bar platter 51

Spicy chicken wings, garlic bread, onion rings, arancini balls, polenta chips, BBQ rib fingers and dips with salad

 Seafood platter 52

Crispy Squid, smoked salmon, tiger prawns, green lipped mussels, house garlic bread, coleslaw, tempura battered fish bites and dips




Fish of the day POA

Ask your server for our chef’s creation of the day

 Stuffed chicken breast (gf) 29.5

Cream cheese, dried apricot and pistachio stuffed chicken with chorizo butter mash, seasonal veg and jus

 Pork belly (gf) 32.5

12 hour confit belly with squash puree, cumin roasted sweet potato, grilled bok choy, roasted parsnips and pistachio jus

Steak and smoked cheese pie 26

10 hour slow cooked beef steak and smoked cheddar pie, served with gravy and a choice of potato mash or thick and chunky fries

 Smoked salmon and prawn risotto (gf) 31.5

Smoked salmon and spinach risotto with garlic tiger prawns, basil pesto and grana Padano cheese

 Eye Fillet (gf) 39.5

200g eye fillet with baked potato, bacon and onion rosti, jus and seasonal veg

…Add tiger prawns 44.5

 Steak egg and fries (gf) 29.5

220g sirloin steak with fries, egg, fresh garden salad and home-made jus

…Add tiger prawns 34.5

 BBQ pork ribs (gf) 29

Confit ribs with our famous house smoked BBQ sauce, coleslaw and chunky fries

 Vegetarian risotto (v) 24

Creamy pumpkin risotto with spinach, mushroom, onion, carrots and parmesan




Smoked chicken salad (gf) 23

With avocado, mango, red onion, cucumber, cherry tomato and pinenuts with honey mustard dressing

 Vietnamese beef salad 23

Sirloin steak, mesculin, tomato, mung beans, red onion and vermicelli with homemade Vietnamese peanut dressing

 Caesar salad 19

Cos lettuce, streaky bacon, croutons, parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing topped with a poached egg and anchovies (optional)

…Add char grilled chicken 23




All burgers served with rosemary dusted fries

GF bun for additional $3

Spiced halloumi (v) 24

Peri peri halloumi, portabello mushroom, red onion, tomato, cos, and cashew nut mayo

 Bratwurst 25

Grilled pork belly and bratwurst sausage with caramelised onion, Louisiana sauce, aioli, tomato, cos and onion ring

Chicken (gf filling) 24

Char grilled chicken breast, Portobello mushroom, lettuce, tomato, brie and bacon

Jalapeno beef 24

220g beef patty, jalapenos, smoked cheddar, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, aioli and onion rings




White chocolate panna cotta (gf) 13

With berry coulis and a mixed fruit and mint mojito salad

 Gelato trio (gf) 13

Award winning NZ gelato from Ginelli’s: Mango & orange, limoncello and forest berry

 Chocolate stack 13

Chocolate brownie, chocolate wafer and Belgium chocolate ice-cream, topped with whipped cream

Cheesecake of the week 13

Ask your server for this weeks creation


Or try one of our liquid desserts…

Affogato $10

 Scoop of ice cream, shot of expresso, optional shot of Liqueur
…with a shot of liqueur $15

Special coffees $12

 From classic Irish to a bit more adventurous…

Croft tawny port $12

Or check out some of our decadent cocktails…


Crumbed chicken 10

With fries and salad

Mini beef burger 12

With chunky fries

 Tempura battered fish (gf) 10

With fries and salad

Mini hot dogs 10

With fries and salad

Kids vegetarian risotto (v) 12

Ice-cream sundae 5

Mini ice-cream sundae with chocolate sauce