The Attic Bar and Restaurant | Menu
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Share a selection or choose the perfect starter

Garlic bread (v) $9

 Garlic butter and mixed nuts focaccia and parmesan bread

Rosemary dusted fries (v/gf) $8

 With aioli, tomato sauce and our home-made seasoning

Polenta chips (v/gf) $10

 Polenta and herb chips with beetroot aioli and sweet chilli

Crumbed camembert (v/gf) $16.5

 With gluten free crumb and plum sauce

BBQ rib fingers (gf) $16.5

 Confit rib fingers with our famous smoked house BBQ sauce

Arancini balls (v/gf) $14

 Pumpkin, cumin and beetroot risotto balls in a gluten free crumb with squash puree and pickled onions

Stuffed mussels (gf) $14

 Sweet chilli and cream cheese stuffed mussels

Pork rolls $16

 Asian Style pork and vermicelli rolls served with sweet chilli and BBQ sauce

Smoked paprika squid (gf) $16

 Smoked paprika and lemon pepper squid served with sweet chilli and aioli

Spicy chicken nibbles $18

 Crusted chicken nibbles tossed in spicy sauce with celery and blue cheese mayo

Beef sliders $16.5

 Coriander beef, lettuce, tomato, aioli, brie, with caramelised onion and bacon jam

Olives and feta (v) $8

 House marinated olives and feta cheese with crostini
(gf without crostini)

Battered onion rings (v) $11

 Battered onion rings with sweet chili and home-made BBQ sauce


Platters are designed to be shared. There is enough food on a platter for a meal for 2 people or nibbles for more. Enjoy!

Snattic tasting plate $28

 Smoked paprika squid, pork rolls, arancini balls, olives and feta with dipping sauces


 Kikorangi blue aged cheddar, creamy brie, grapes, crackers, nuts, marinated olives



Bar platter $49

 Spicy chicken wings, garlic bread, onion rings, pork rolls, polenta chips, BBQ rib fingers and dips with mixed leaf salad

Seafood platter $49

 Crispy Squid, smoked salmon, tiger prawns, stuffed mussels, house garlic bread, fish goujons, coleslaw and dips



Fish of the day $30

 Ask your server for our chef’s creation of the day

Seafood risotto (gf) $31.5

 Smoked salmon and spinach risotto with garlic tiger prawns, basil pesto and grana Pardano cheese

Eye fillet (gf) $40

 200g eye fillet with baked potato, bacon and onion rosti, seasonal veg and jus

Steak eggs and fries (gf) $29

 220g sirloin steak with fries, egg, fresh garden salad and home-made jus

Surf and turf (gf) $38

 200g sirloin steak, potato and smoked cheddar gratin, creamy seakale beet, pan-fried tiger prawns and creamy mushroom sauce

Harissa chicken breast $29.5

 Sous vide harissa chicken with Mediterranean cous cous salad, seasonal veg and mushroom sauce

Steak and smoked cheese pie $24.5

 10 hour slow cooked beef steak and smoked cheddar pie, served with gravy and a choice of potato mash or thick and chunky fries

Lamb shank (gf) $32

 Braised shank of lamb with potato mash, seasonal veg and cab franc jus

BBQ pork ribs (gf) $29

 Confit ribs with our famous house smoked BBQ sauce, chunky fries and coleslaw

Pork belly (gf) $32.5

 12 hour confit belly with squash puree, Jerusalem artichoke, grilled bok choy, roasted parnsips and pistachio jus

Vegetarian risotto (v) $24

  Creamy pumpkin risotto with spinach, mushroom, onion, carrots and parmesan



Warm roast veg salad (v/gf) $25.5

 Roast veg, pumpkin seeds, fresh herbs, red onion, cos, grilled halloumi and chimmichuri

Vietnamese beef salad (gf) $23

 Sirloin steak, mesculin, tomato, mung beans, red onion and vermicelli with homemade Vietnamese peanut sauce

Caesar salad $18

 Cos lettuce, streaky bacon, croutons, parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing topped with a poached egg and anchovies (optional)
…Add chicken $22



All burgers served with rosemary dusted fries

Black bean and mushroom $22

 Homemade black bean patty, field mushroom, sour cream, cos lettuce, tomato and Louisiana sauce

Bratwurst $25

 Grilled pork belly and bratwurst sausage with caramelised onion, Louisiana sauce, aioli, tomato, cos and onion rings

Venison $26

 Juicy venison patty with bacon, caramelised onion, blue cheese, lettuce, tomato, flat mushroom and aioli

Chicken $24

 Cajun chicken breast, Portobello mushroom, lettuce, tomato, brie and bacon

Jalapeno beef $24

 220g beef patty, jalapenos, smoked cheddar, crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato, aioli and onion rings



Side salad (gf) $7

 Seasonal vegetables (gf) $7

 Bacon & potato rosti with mushroom sauce (gf) $7

 Butter sautéed silver beet (v/gf) $7



Apple and rhubarb crumble $12

 With a granola crumb and maple and walnut ice-cream

Expresso brulee (gf) $12

 With rocky road cake

Chocolate brownie $12

 With salted caramel ice cream and Chantilly

Or try one of our liquid desserts…

Affogato $10

 Scoop of ice cream, shot of expresso, optional shot of Liqueur
…with a shot of liqueur $15

Special coffees $12

 From classic Irish to a bit more adventurous…

Croft tawny port $12

Or check out some of our decadent cocktails…


Crumbed chicken $10

 With fries and salad


Battered fish $10

 With fries and salad


Mini hot dogs $10

 With fries and salad


Kids steak and egg (gf) $12.5

 With fries and salad


Kids Pudding $5

 Mini ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce