Please ensure you select the area of the venue you wish to book. If your timeslot is not available, you may have to select a different area or please ring us on 09 521 0000 as we may be able to accommodate you on a larger table. Reservations are booked for a maximum of 2.5hrs, if you require longer please contact us on 09 521 0000 and we would be happy to accommodate.

Booth seats comfortably seat 4, but you can fit 5 if you wish, please put a note in your booking to advise booth required. Booths are available for two on off peak times, we cannot guarantee booth seats for 2 on Friday and Saturday nights

Please note, we require advance notice on oyster orders as we stock limited amounts to keep them fresh. 

Please advise if you wish to order oysters, we may not be able to fulfill same day orders